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Governance & Communication

The IPPC is governed by the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM), composed of all IPPC Contracting Parties, and a number of key CPM subsidiary and oversight bodies:

  • CPM Bureau – an elective seven-member executive body that provides guidance to the IPPC Secretariat and CPM on strategic direction, cooperation, financial and operational management;
  • Financial Committee (FC) – all CPM Bureau members are members of the FC but it has its own agenda and chairperson; providing advice on financial matters and resource mobilization issues to the IPPC Secretariat;
  • Standards Committee (SC) – oversight body for the standard setting process;
  • Implementation and Capacity Development Committee (IC) – oversight body for the implementation of capacity development programme;
  • Strategic Planning Group (SPG) – an open working group, tasked with providing strategic perspective to the work of the IPPC and to support improvement through the provision of recommendations and advice to the CPM on any issues which have been referred.

The IPPC Secretariat is responsible for coordinating the IPPC work programme and support the governing structure through the coordinated implementation of a multi-level strategy, taking into consideration the following documents:

The IPPC community contributes to achieving: