IPPC Online Comment System (OCS)


The Online Comment System (OCS) is an online tool designed for defined stakeholders to apply, share, and publish comments on documents; and for the IPPC Secretariat to compile comments in an easy and efficient manner (“with the click of a button”).

Its mission is to provide a simple, efficient, user-friendly online system to apply, share, publish and compile comments on documents.

The OCS helps to standardize the way comments are inputted and presented for discussion.

Through the OCS, IPPC Contact Points can submit comments on draft documents, with the support of the up to four optional Reviewers, designated by the same Contact Point.


The IPPC Secretariat developed the OCS in 2011 following a technical bid made in 2009, and has been using it since then for the official IPPC commenting periods: consultations on draft specifications and consultations on draft ISPMs.

In 2014, because of the rapid evolution of online technologies and issues with the OCS compatibility, performance and user-friendliness, the IPPC Secretariat has undertaken a review of the OCS user requirements.

As a result, the IPPC Secretariat has joined forces with the Codex Secretariat for the procurement of an off-the-shelf product meeting user needs. This product has been identified with PleaseReview, which was launched as configured for IPPC and Codex Alimentarius needs on 1st July 2016. The new system can be reached at the following address: https://ocs-new.ippc.int/


Please consult the available OCS resources at the following links:

Please note that your login details may be different from the IPP ones. In order to reset your password, select the "Reset password" tab in the OCS homepage, enter your email address and select "Send email".


For further information, please check the resources above. Alternatively, you can contact the IPPC OCS team at [email protected].

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