Sr. Camilo Beltran Montoya

International Phytosanitary Specialist

IPPC Secretariat

+57 3028451521

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Camilo Beltrán Montoya is a Colombian engineer in Agriculture and holds a Master's Degree in plant protection. Before joining the IPPC Secretariat, he worked at the regional level for the Andean RPPO, mainly performing activities on the subregional trade, pests of regional concern, and regional laws for registering the Agricultural Use of Chemical Pesticides. He also worked at the national level for the Colombian NPPO, specifically in themes related to updating the list of the regulated pest and the official certification of the phytosanitary status. He also has experience as an external project evaluator for other Colombian organizations and teaching experience in agricultural microbiology and agricultural production subjects. IFU Lead for: • FAO/IPP TWG on fall armyworm • IC team on Fusarium TR4 • COMESA Project Languages: Spanish and English