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The Hawaii Fruit Fly Areawide Pest Management Programme

Published: Mon, 27 Feb 2017, 09:23
Last updated: Mon, 27 Feb 2017, 09:21
Fruit fly eradication programmes have been proposed for Hawaii on many occasions. However, demonstration eradication programmes against medfly conducted in Hawaii in the early 1990s identified several problems associated with the eradication technology available at that time. These included the high economic cost of large-area programmes, planting of large areas with coffee (the preferred host of medfly), lack of sufficient information on the effects upon non-target fauna, environmental concerns, quarantine issues and the lack of a large-scale sterile fly-rearing facility.

Therefore, many scientists suggested that because environmental and economic costs of fruit fly eradication programmes were so high, emphasis should shift toward Areawide Pest Management (AWPM) programmes and away from eradication. Although scientists in Hawaii have developed most of the technologies over the years to combat accidental fruit fly outbreaks on the US mainland (e.g. California and Florida), the technologies were never packaged and transferred to Hawaiian farmers. The Hawaii Areawide Pest Management programme was designed to transfer these technologies to Hawaiian farmers and residents.

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