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Exotic Fruit Fly Regulatory Response Manual

Published: Tue, 04 Dec 2012, 14:09
Last updated: Tue, 12 May 2015, 11:49
The aims of the first edition of the Regulatory Response Manual were: - To collect and organize the wealth of day-to-day experience, expertise and information compiled in 1996 by staff members who enforced California’s Mediterranean fruit fly quarantines in the Los Angeles Basin and Ventura County. - To provide a “nuts and bolts,” real world approach to the initial implementation and maintenance of regulatory guidelines and restrictions during a quarantine, to assist those federal, state and county officers whose future assignments might include one. Taking this approach enhanced the utility of the manual in several different settings, from predominantly urban, to agricultural, to mixed-use areas of the State. Although there are action plans and procedural manuals for exotic fruit fly quarantines, as well as archival information files available from previous quarantines, there is no handbook, per se, on the daily regulatory priorities that need to be addressed in actual practice during the first two weeks of a declared quarantine. This manual seeks to correct that deficit. The first edition was a “snapshot” of regulatory priorities between the years 1994-96. Assembling it involved reaching consensus among the contributors regarding topics, choosing the format for each section, and organizing sections based on regulatory priorities. The first edition had an appendix for each section that contained standard regulatory documents. Although its focus was on the first two weeks of a quarantine, it did attempt to address maintenance aspects of both longer-term area-wide, as well as smaller short-term, quarantines. This second edition was prepared to widen the scope of the manual and bring it up to date. The new version now addresses those procedural elements common to conducting quarantines for all types of exotic fruit flies, including the Medfly. Reflecting the wider scope of this edition, it has been renamed the Exotic Fruit Fly Regulatory Response Manual. This manual will continue to evolve over time as new crop trends develop, additional agricultural pest control techniques are adopted, and regulatory priorities change. Periodic updates of each section will be issued as revisions are made. The editors continue to encourage the submission of helpful comments and suggestions from manual users and reviewers. We are solely responsible for any errors of omission or commission that resulted from its production. We acknowledge our profound indebtedness to all those regulatory officers in federal, state, and county agencies, who have provided documentation of all their field and office activities involving exotic fruit fly quarantine compliance and enforcement. This manual would not have been possible without their continuing contributions.
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Author/Editor name and address: Jeff Hillard, CDFA/pest Exclusion Sandy Jordan, USDA/AHIS/PPQ
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