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Workshop Report: IPP African (French-speaking) Information Exchange

ثلاثاء, 28 فبراير 2006, 00:00
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This Workshop Report is prepared for the benefit of the participating countries -and of the Secretariat (who will use it in further discussion with the IPP Support Group, and in further revision of the IPP).

The Appendices include a complete list of names and contact details of all workshop participants, organizers, guest speakers and resource persons (App.1), the workshop program (App.2), a list of all documents/files made available on CD-ROM and/or USB to all participants (App.3), the questions of the practical navigation exercises(App.4), the results of the workshop evaluation form containing as well many detailed recommendations (App.5), as well as a table identifying areas of needs within each participating country (App.6), and another table listing all African country's memberships in International conventions and organizations (App.7).

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