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For all nominated participants: Data for use during the workshop & Country reports

خميس, 05 مايو 2005, 00:00

A draft Invitation Letter (which can be modified) is provided on the last page of the attached document... THIS IS A LETTER ADDRESSED TO ALL NOMINATED and CONFIRMED IPP Training Workshop participants as a reminder to prepare the appropriate information to facilitate the workshop.

i. ) What to take along for this workshop - Data for use during the workshop You may also wish to bring along relevant official information as test data to update your country information on the IPP. This will need to be in electronic format as text, documents (e.g. Word) or the links (if it is already present on the internet). This can be in any or all of the following areas (or more if you so wish):

Official contact point - Article VII 2

Description of NPPO and changes - Article IV 4

Non-compliance - Article VII 2(f)

List of regulated pests - Article VII 2(i)

Pest reporting - Article IV 2(b)

Exchange of information on plant pests, particularly the reporting of the occurrence, outbreak or spread - Article VIII 1(a)

Technical and biological information necessary for PRA - Article VIII 1(a)

Specified points of entry - Article VII 2(d)

Organizational arrangements for plant protection - Article IV 4

Emergency action - Article VII 6

Phytosanitary requirements, restrictions and prohibitions - Article VII 2(b)

Adequate information on pest status - Article VII 2(j)

Rationale for phytosanitary requirements, restrictions and prohibitions - Article VII 2(c)

Basically anything related to information requirements to implement information exchange requirements under the IPPC.

It would also help if you are all familiar with the information exchange context (including Appendix XV) in the report of the Third Session of the ICPM (see workshop handout no. 02). Details and processes will all be explained at the workshop.

ii.) GUIDELINES FOR COUNTRY REPORT - Country Reports ( ref.: Session III: Country Reports on National Information Exchange processes within the IPPC Framework) To assist countries in providing similar feedback during their Country Reports, the following guidelines have been developed as a result of previous workshops: These brief presentations should include information about:

  • National structure for the exchange of information, including responsibility and pathway

  • What systems are in place for information exchange?

  • What data is currently available, compared to that which is obligatory under the IPPC

  • Summary of country's internal as well as external phytosanitary databases. For either, how many records, what categories, how often updated.

  • Summary background internet infrastructure in the country, particularly in the government.

-> brief summary of (past/present) experience with using the IPP...

-> including the pros- and cons about using the IPP in each WS-participating country

  • Is there state/province as well as national data collection for phytosanitary information?

  • What are the capacity building needs - in summary?

Please note: Countries will only have 15 minutes maximum, including 5 minutes for questions.

iii.) Letter to all nominated NPPO'sstaff - Your access to the IPP: Dear Colleagues, Please note that you have all been nominated by your respective NPPOs to be the responsible person/s to edit official information on behalf of your NPPO; Therefore you have all been registered in the IPP, and for those of you who where not registered previously (e.g. as NPPO Contact Point), the computer should have sent you (from IPPC Services) your username and password. Please keep it in a safe place. Details will be explained during this Information Exchange and IPP Training workshop... If you have not received this information yet, it means your spam filter has probably got hold of it and we recommend you retrieve it. IF you have been registered for a while but forgotten this information, let us know and we will get the computer to regenerate a new password for you. Sincerely, David C. Nowell & Jan Breithaupt (IPPC Secretariat) FAO-AGPP, viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 00100 Rome, Italy

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